Discover Lamborghini Furniture at Red Cube Furniture! The luxury collection dedicated to the home and office features bold furnishing items upholstered in leather, in bright and vibrant colours, inspired by the automotive and mechanical heritage of the Bologna-based brand. It is no coincidence that the models of the Tonino Lamborghini Casa line elegantly evoke the world of vintage grand tourers, a clear reference to the history of the Lamborghini family, both in terms of design lines and materials used, such as high-quality leather finished with carbon and kevlar details. Even for the CASA line, the mechanical stylistic elements – bearings, connecting rods, pistons, exhaust pipes, ventilation air of rids, grilles, headlights, leaf springs and hinges -, which have always distinguished the luxury accessories of the brand with the raging Bull crest, are key elements of inspiration for upholstered chairs, desks, lamps and beds designed by Tonino Lamborghini. High-tech materials like carbon fibre, brushed steel and braided wire symbolise a concept of power and strength; fine leather suggests a touch of luxury and elegance. The innate appeal of high standards adds objective beauty to mechanical stylistic elements supported by lightweight and precious high-tech materials.


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