Here’s a selection of our represented brands

Calia Italia

Calia Italia’s history begins in 1965 where its founder, Liborio Vincenzo Calia, started to create and produce sofas in Italy based on his idea of what it should be ‘a piece of furniture where to rest, engage in conversation, dream…

Over the years, Calia Italia began expanding by designing and manufacturing sofas at industrial levels, exporting them outside Italy, and has become an ambassador of Italian quality and style in over 54 countries.

Calia italia, offers furniture upholstered in both leather and fabric with a unique range of sizes, shapes and model availability. This, coupled with their extremely high quality has made Calia italia the number one choice in Italy and around the world.

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Tonin Casa

Tonin Casa is a world renowned Italian furniture manufacturer which has over thirty years of experience in its sector. The unique synthesis of beauty and functionality, merged with the genuine Italian designs and trendiness, are the basis for Tonin Casa’s exceptional creations.

Remaining true to its values and using an emphasis on detail, Tonin Casa is one of the few companies that continue to manufacture its furniture in Italy in order to ensure that maximum quality is achieved.

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Giessegi Industria Mobili Spa

Reliability, Italian style, quality.

Giessegi Industria Mobili Spa is one of the most significant realities in today’s international furniture business since 1970.

Representing a great business venture, the company made quality its prior mission, renewing its proposals to improve at best the life style and the most contemporary trends.

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The Alf Group

The Alf Group dates back to the 1950s. A group of highly skilled, experienced Italian craftsmen founded a co – op – located in Francenigo (Treviso) to mass produce wooden furniture. In just a few years Alf became an important industry in the woodworking market, propelling the Piovesana brothers to buy the company and invest additional resources. Their efforts quickly yielded results.

Since the beginning of the 1960s, Alf has been expanding thanks to the success of its skill in the design and manufacture of bedroom furniture. As the market evolved over the years, Alf’s farsightedness in meeting customer’s requirements quickly allowed the company to expand its production. Today the group has further increased its market share thanks to specialization in living area furniture, expertise in offering cutting – edge service, and guarantee of timely manufacture and delivery of its products.

Alf group collections are sold under the ALF+DAFRÈ, ALF ITALIA AND VALDESIGN brands. They provide a vast array of products and include interior décor systems and accessories for every room in the home: bookcases, containers, wardrobes, beds and kitchens.

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FORMITALIA Luxury Group s.p.a

Luxury Interiors and Accessories for Exclusive Homes, Hotels, Executive Offices & Yachts

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